Expand My Business

 Finding and Training Employees 

Your workforce will be your business' biggest asset. When you're ready to expand, attracting and retaining a quality workforce will give your business one of its highest returns on investment. The Kentucky Career Center offers a number of resources when it comes to finding and training employees. Another good source of information is the Workforce Kentucky website. Sponsored by the Kentucky Career Center, it is the largest single source of labor market data in the Commonwealth, where users can explore occupations, labor markets, geographic areas, and industry projections.

Finding Employees

Finding quality employees is easier in Kentucky with e3.ky.gov thanks to the Kentucky Career Center. On this site, users can apply for jobs and training, apply for unemployment insurance, and employers can search for employees.

Hiring Employees

As your business expands, you'll need to consider not only your immediate staffing needs, but employee benefits, salaries, employee handbooks, insurance, taxes and recordkeeping. If you need help in understanding the basics or need to know where to begin, the US Small Business Administration provides a number of resources for hiring employees. More information is available on this site under Managing Employees.