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​Knowing, understanding and reaching your customer base are fundamental to your business. Whether you’re starting out or a household name, your business will need to keep customers and bring in new customers to continue. Advertising is the most obvious form a business uses to connect with its customers, but every aspect of a successful business’ operation will in some way be geared toward keeping the customer in mind.


Developing a marketing strategy will help your business attract new customers. In Kentucky, the Small Business Development Center in your area can assist you with developing a marketing plan and concepts to help your business exceed its potential.

Market Research

Knowing your market will help you reach and attract new customers quickly and easily. If you are looking for the basics on how to set targets, know your competitors and spot trends; make use of the Plan My Business section of the Kentucky Business One Stop.

Managing Information

Technology has made collecting information about your business and customer base easier than ever before, but being able to analyze the data once it is collected will help you establish targets and customize your business plan. Using digital resources helps you to stay connected with your customer base and can open new opportunities for your business to expand.

Strategic Planning

Knowing when to expand will help you manage risk and protect your business. Strategic planning will help you to set goals for your business.

Financing Growth

Kentucky provides a number of programs, incentives and support to help your business expand. The Kentucky Business One Stop can help you find resources to finance your growth.