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Expand My Business

​​Expanding your business helps you increase your customer base, extend your services, and grow your profits. This section will help you determine when and how to expand your business in Kentucky. With more than 90 percent of businesses in the Commonwealth having fewer than 50 employees, small businesses are essential to Kentucky's economic vitality.

  • Financing - Sound financial management is likely to be the key to your business' success.
  • Finding and Training Employees - Your workforce will be your business' biggest asset. When you're ready to expand, attracting and retaining a quality workforce will give your business one of its highest returns on investment.
  • Locations - Where you locate your business will have a huge impact on your success.
  • Customers - Knowing, understanding, and reaching your customer base is fundamental.
  • Buying a Business, Merging and Franchises - Taking on additional operations and locations strategically will help you to expand your customer base.
  • Exports and Overseas Development - By selling your products internationally, your business goes up, new jobs will be created and your business will help raise the demand for Kentucky products.
  • Going Public - Guidance when you're ready to issue stock or seek additional partners.
  • Government Procurement - If your business is looking to expand into the field of Government Procurement there are a number of resources and programs that are ready to assist you.
  • Certifications - Certifying your business can help you to expand by letting customers know that your business meets certain quality and performance standards.
  • Business Counseling - Help for your business when you're looking to expand.
  • Permits and Licenses - When looking to expand operations, whether constructing or renovating, adding, changing or removing process equipment, water discharges, or waste streams, a new or modified permit may be required.


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