OneStop Response to the COVID-19 Precautions


 Agency Contacts

Agency Phone Website
Department of Revenue
Taxpayer Registration 502-564-3306
Corporation Income Tax 502-564-8139  

Withholding Tax 502-564-7287  

Sales and Use Tax 502-564-5170
​Secretary of State
Register a Business 502-564-3490
Annual Reports 502-564-3490
Uniform Commercial Code 502-564-3490
Requesting Records Issued by Secretary of State 502-564-3490
​Cabinet for Economic Development
Cabinet for Economic Development 800-626-2930 or
Access to Capital 502- 564-7670​
KY Innovation 502- 564-7670
Workforce 502-564-7670​​
International Trade 502- 564-7670
Sites and Buildings 502-564-7670​​
Labor Cabinet
OSHA Requirements and Posters 502-564-3070
Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirements 502-573-3505
Education and Workforce Development Cabinet
Unemployment Insurance 502-564-2272
Public Protection Cabinet
Information for Insurance Companies 502-564-3630
Assistance for Banks, Mortgage, and Securities Companies 502-564-3390
x221 or x244
Building Code Questions
(examples – electrical or elevator installations)
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Questions 502-573-0395
Assistance for Plumbers 502-573-0397
All Other Building and Construction Questions 502-564-0365
x120 or x125
Alcoholic Beverage Control 502-564-4850
x21010 or x21000
Charitable Gaming 502-573-5528
x234 or x222
Horse Racing in Kentucky 859-246-2040
Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Medicaid Provider Information 502-564-1012
WIC Vendor Information 502-564-3827
Licensed Child Care Center or Home Information 502-564-7962​
Personal Services Agency Certification 502-564-7963​
Food Safety Program 502-564-7181
Transportation Cabinet
Motor Carrier Tax or Registration 502-564-1257
Contracting Information 502-564-3419
Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet
Tourism Development and Kentucky Film Office 502-564-4270 n/a

If you have other questions or concerns, please contact the Governor's Office for Constituent Services at (502) 564-2611 or use the form below.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the Commonwealth Service Desk via email or by phone at (502) 564-7576.


Example: 502-875-3733