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​​Regulations are safeguards to protect your business, customers, employees, and industry. They help to level the competitive playing field and make sure that the products, services and practices of business benefit the public.

There are several ways to learn about regulations and ordinances that apply to your business. The advice of an attorney or other knowledgeable professional may prove useful. In many cases, you can research and review the applicable regulations yourself. Information on federal government regulations can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations. Commonwealth of Kentucky regulations can be found in the Kentucky Revised Statutes and the companion Kentucky Administrative Regulations. Each of these online resources is searchable by keyword. Local city or county ordinances can sometimes be found on the city or county government’s website, or you may contact a local government official for additional information.

Many business and industry organizations and associations, such as chambers of commerce, seek to educate and advocate on behalf of their members regarding government regulation of businesses. Industry-specific trade associations also may provide training and networking opportunities for the businesses they serve.

The Kentucky RegWatch program allows you to sign up with state government agencies to receive notice of administrative regulation changes.

Additionally, the Kentucky Commission on Small Business Advocacy (CSBA) is an independent state commission that is administratively attached to the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development. The mission of the CSBA is to make the Commonwealth of Kentucky friendly to small businesses through education, cooperation, and advocacy. The CSBA provides information on proposed government regulations that can affect small business. The Commission looks at issues such as licensing and permitting requirements, taxes, and other areas of government that affect small business.