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​Business research reduces your risk and saves you time and money. You’ll gain an edge on your competition with proper research and planning. In order to do that, you should research your business idea fully, become familiar with topics such as taxes and record keeping, marketing, legal matters and financing. Listed below are several resources to help you get started in the right direction.



Business Readiness Assessment

Quiz contains 50 questions.

Step 1 of 9: Planning

  1. Do you have a specific goal for starting a business?
  2. Do you know the products/services you will provide?
  3. Do you know why the products/services you will provide are unique?
  4. Have you thought seriously about both the personal time and resources it will take to make your business successful?
  5. Do you have a written plan for managing your business or working with partners, with specific duties and responsibilities?
  6. Do you know if your business will require suppliers, and do you know how to contact them?
  7. Do you know how you will distribute your products/services, and where and how they will be sold?
  8. Do you have a written plan for the business you are planning to start?
  9. Have you discussed your business idea, business plan or proposed business with a business coach or counselor, such as a faculty advisor, SCORE counselor, Small Business Development Center counselor or other economic development advisor?